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Birth of Fiberglass

I discovered FAST Korporation a few years ago in Sparta Wisconsin.  FAST produces just about any fiberglass animal or figure you can imagine from the original Big Boy to giant mice seen at every cheese store in Wisconsin.  They also have all their old molds in a field next to their manufacturing plant and it is open to the public. I tend to see things a bit differently than most people in a place like this seeing everything from humor to horror.  I visited there twice with my black and white film camera and it just didn't capture what I was experiencing.  While I don't have much experience shooting color digital images, I decided that these really needed to be captured in color.  I wasn't wrong.

A short book is in process and is expected to be available to pre-order in August 2023 with deliveries in November.  It will initially be offered as a signed book and an image of the purchaser's choice.

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